Raleigh County Circuit Clerk’s Page

Circuit Clerk Raleigh County Judicial Center

My name is Angelia Price and I am the Interim Circuit Clerk for Raleigh County. I was appointed as Interim Clerk unanimously by the Circuit Court Judges which became effective on February 13, 2024 by our Chief Judge, the Honorable Andrew Dimlich, to carry out the duties of Circuit Clerk until a qualified replacement is elected and certified at the 2024 general election. I have worked in the Circuit Clerk’s office for 21 years, where I was hired under Janice B. Davis and later appointed Chief Deputy Clerk in November 2013 under Paul H. Flanagan.

The Circuit Clerk is an elected position with a term of 6 years. The duties and responsibilities are set forth by statutes, rules, or other directives, not only by our Court Judges, but by the West Virginia Supreme Court, and the Raleigh County Commission.

The Circuit Clerk is the backbone for the County Judicial System. The office is the record keeper for both Circuit and Family Courts. As the official record keeper for the court, our office is responsible for filing, recording, and maintaining all cases; including but not limited to civil, criminal, child custody, child support, divorce, juvenile & guardian cases. We are entrusted with collecting court costs, restitution payments, and bonds. Also, outside of judicial duties, our office also offers the public an additional location to process passport applications. Our office is also responsible for managing the Grand Jury and the Petit Jury for each term and trial. These jury panels are for both Circuit and Magistrate court trials.

The Circuit Clerk’s Office Monday through Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm.